Our Project Gallery

Here's the history of the Victorian Mobile Landcare Group in photos. We present, in no particular order, a summary of our projects:

Weston's Hut Rebuild 1.0 March 2010

This was a major project with Parks Victoria and the building crew from Wangaratta led by Lachie Gales

Nanya 7.0 2021

In the midst of COVID uncertainty, the VMLCG crew went up to tackle more remnant fencing and some culinary competition!

Dibbins Hut camp ground platform and rehabilitation sortie March 2016

This was a project we conducted in 2011 where we worked with the local Yarra Glen landcare group to remove rubbish and dead trees from the local reserve, following the devastating bushfires that swept through the area.

Yarra Valley Fire Mates: Landcare Group assistance with re-fencing and cleanup local reserve April 2011

This was a project we conducted in 2011 where we worked with the local Yarra Glen landcare group to remove rubbish and dead trees from the local reserve, following the devastating bushfires that swept through the area.

Alpine National Park: Replacing vandalised visitor infrastructure assets: 26 January 2012

An interpretation shelter was completely destroyed by a vandal and we volunteered to reconstruct it as it was in the fire season and PV Rangers had better things to do with their time. The trip was not without its challenges. One of our party had a vehicle that "failed to proceed" and so we were down one member, one vehicle - and with it went most of our digging tools. So we had almost nothing with which to dig out the foundations. It was three solid days of graft and all in temperatures around 37 Celcius. But that did not stop us. Have a look.

Grow West Plantout Day - the only time we got bogged! July 2012

A typical July winter's day and we assisted with the logistics on a wet site on a wet day. The result was never in doubt! Still, we achieved our planting objectives wth the Grow West team and the local farmer had a good time pulling all through the gate at some breakneck speed!

Bogong Vicinity Track Clearing November 2012

We were asked by Parks Vicoria to assist with their annual post-winter track opening. In this case it was on management vehicle only tracks (MVOs) that had not been cleared for around 3 - 4 years and posed a significant risk to the Bogong township, as these tracks would be useful for escape purses in certain fire situations. We spend an entire weekend on this and covered around 300 metres of one single track, such was the concentration of fallen Mountain Ash. At least it was good weather, outdoors and in the alpine area of Victoria. Perfect.

Tanks for the Memories! Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) Water Tank Assignment for Parks Victoria 2013

We were tasked by Parks Victoria with installing two steel water tanks in secure locations along the AAWT. June 2013 was the date and the mission accomplished. And we replaced some interpretation signs as part of our volunteer assistance to the Ranger team up there.

Willows 1: The Very First Sallow Willow Eradication Trip by VMLCG September 2004

The project marked the first serious collaboration between the VMLCG and Parks Victoria following the devastating fires in the summer of 2003/4 which severely burnt land around Falls Creek, including the moss bed areas of the Bogong High Plains. We did one of the trips per month for about 7 months and that then morphed into several trips every year of the next 3 years.

Willows Wacking and Weir Building: VMLCG and Scouts May 2006 Alpine National Park

As part of our commitment to the Willows programme with Parks Victoria, we engaged with other groups to bolster vintner numbers and make r tips more outcome effective. One of our best collaborations was wth the Scouts from Emerald, led by friends of Steve and Esther Priestley, long-term VMLCG members. The Parks Victoria team at Mt. Beaty were as helpful as always, allowing us the use of one of the chalets up there, for accommodation.

Bogong Clover Arboretum: Rehabilitation Weekend with the Friends of Group

This was an energetic weekend in the High Country, working with the Friends of Clover Arboretum to rehabilitate the arboretum and install a deer-proof fence.

Cope Saddle Hut and Ryders Yards 2008: Repaint and Concrete

This was an excellent and eventful weekend in the High Country, working with the Parks Vic Rangers to repaint the old SEC Hut, know known as Cope Saddle Hut and to make some repairs at the huts at Ryders Yards.


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