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The VP's Most Excellent Lunch for Members 2019 - Geelong

This year’s VP lunch will be an activity theme. We will start with a Segway tour of the Geelong waterfront and Botanic Gardens. Tim, our guide is an excellent instructor, and they are dead easy to drive, really all you need to do is step on, then be able to stand and lean. Really is that easy. More info at the Segway Geelong website.

The tour will be followed by lunch at Little Creatures Brewery in South Geelong. See this link for a menu.

Expected cost for the Segway tour including the Botanical Gardens is $50.00 and lunch around $30.00 depending on personal choices.

Whilst the brewery does cater for tours this will be left up to you if you feel a tour is warranted. Please rsvp to the calendar on slack so we can have an indication of numbers. There may be a limit due to availability of machines.

You can RSVP to our esteemed host, Dave McKinnon here

Please note: Tentative date is 10th November, standby date could be 17th November.

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