Newsletter #4 Autumn 2020

Bruce's key messages for our COVID-19 situation and policies, together with a bit more on the AGM we held recently
Hi All,

This is the first newsletter for the 2020 year and will bring everyone up to date with happenings within the group.

We are all in a new global environment with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The future will change for all of us as we work together to get through this crisis. Please all take care, follow the instructions that are being issued, so that we all come out of this pandemic.


A face-to-face members conference is being organised, using ZOOM Conferencing for ALL members to get together on Friday 3 April at 8PM.

We have a standard time limit of 40 minutes, which can be extended. You will be able to come and go at any time. This is to allow us to all know how our fellow members are traveling at this difficult time. If this is successful, we will organise more of these during the difficult times ahead.

A ZOOM Conference enablement link will be sent via email, well prior the conference, which you can click on, register for a FREE account, download the helper app to your machine, test your audio and video and then - at the appointed date and time, click on the separate Zoom meeting link in the same email we will send, to access the conference. It's BYO drinks and nibbles, by the way… Happy

Now, back to our regular programming:

The AGM was held on the 23 February, it was a late morning gathering held at Karkarook Park with a large attendance of members for the meeting.

Thank you to everyone that could attend.

The President presented a report and a treasury report was available.

Presidents Report 2019

This year the board met seven times using Zoom Video Conferencing. This has been going very well even with some technical difficulties now and then, mostly caused by bandwidth issues to do with our less than stellar NBN infrastructure.

We have been able to conduct our meetings on the Zoom free plan, which allows us 40-minute sessions. Should we need to continue a meeting longer than the prescribed 40 minute time, we can simple connect back in and continue with the meeting.

By using this platform, it keeps the meetings short and precise with the option to extend if required. At times, Zoom will auto extend our meeting, which then removes the need to log back in.

From our last AGM we have found a new home for the spray trailer. The trailer was presented to the Greendale Wombat Landcare who are a new group in the Pentland Hills area. On hand over day, they had some ideas on improving the unit by replacing the pump with a bigger non-electrical unit and making it available to local farmers and community groups in their area including ourselves should we need it.

The board have approved a number of trips, which have been well attended, but a couple that could have had more interest shown. We are a small group and our membership is getting older and at times its hard to get numbers to help. The board understands this; we would like to get new members. We are issuing a challenge to all members to get just one new member each to sign up and by doing this we can double our current membership.

Whilst on memberships the board does apologise for sending out the membership renewal late again this year. We were trying to get the web site operating with a PayPal payment option, as well as the normal direct debit.

Membership renewals will be sent out, at the beginning of June 2020.

Did anyone use the PayPal option for this current membership year?

The board has produced bumper stickers indicating who we are so please help yourself to some and display them with pride when we get together - or email the Secretary and ask for some!

Finally, a big thank you to all board members for their efforts this year, and I look forward to being part of the 2020 committee.

Treasury Report

We had a spot of bother getting our treasurer to get the report out on time so we have had to re-create the transactions from the last financial year and report on that.

In summary:

Victorian Mobile Landcare Group Inc. Financial Reporting 2018 - 2019 Financial Year.

(for the period 1/7/2018 to 30/6/2019)

We had:


Grant Income $500
Project Income $360
Membership fees $620
Interest Income $23.28

Total income $1503.28


Gifts; $75
LVI Affiliation $309.50
Website/technology $167.44

Total Expenses $551.94

Net Income/Loss $ 951.34

A quick balance sheet for the reported financial year.

Other Assets:

Spray Trailer $3000
All other assets have been written down to $0



Just so people can see where we have come from relative to this year's financials, here is a current financial year balance:

The 2019 AGM has been also covered in a separate post here but in summary the new Board of Management for 2020 is

  • President: Bruce Halls
  • Vice President: David McKinnon
  • Secretary: Julie Parke
  • Treasurer: Doug Parke
  • Ordinary Member: Chris Houghton-Allen
  • Ordinary Member: Don Harris
  • Ordinary Member: Richard Northway

There was also a required motion, which was carried by all at the AGM that the current membership fees for 2019/2020 remain at the present levels,
• $30 family membership (all adults living in one household), including student up to 25
• $10 student membership (for those without parents as existing VMLCG members)

The BOM are also going to look at providing new badgers to all current members this year as our previous supplier is currently unable to supply, so please stay tuned.

The web site is up and running and all information is available from the site, which includes a calendar with our listed events. Slack is still in use which allows us communicate between ourselves on a list of projects and other channels so that any comments that need to be made can be tracked and dealt with.

If anyone is still having trouble using Slack or are not getting regular messages from us by this platform please contact Doug here for assistance.

Bruce Halls

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