Moorabool Project

We have been slowly and very quietly working with a landowner in West Moorabool to effect some rehabilitation of his creek areas in the steep hill of this region.
However, we need to get more members involved as the project ramps up after our initial foray to set up some fence infrastructure.

We've set up a project which would involve two weekend trips to get the rest of the fencing sorted and another for a planting day which would see 3000 seedlings planted.

The fencing camps would be along the lines of a small fencing team supported by a social camp management team who would enable the fencing team to keep going as long into the day as possible. Similar to what we did for the Weston's Hut rebuilding crew a few years back in the High Country.

Have a look at the Event pages and get back to us with your comments and interest. The projects are there, as is the opportunity for us all to stay connected - we just need some feedback from people please.

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